Logo Entreprises MidPyr          Tucana Engineering is expanding and looking for Project managers with engineering background who would make a link between our Russian and Ukrainian Design Offices and the final clients – that was the main message of the Tucana Engineering SAS CEO Galya BROVKO’s interview given to Toulouse-based monthly review Entreprises Midi-Pyrénées (‘Companies of the Midi-Pyrénées Region’ in English).

Established in Toulouse a few months ago, the Tucana’s French office has already signed its first international contract and many negotiations in the fields of Aeronautics, Automotive and Airport Infrastructure are under way.

Through Spirit Aerosystems, Tucana intervenes in the central section 15 of the A350. “Indirectly our engineering company participates in all Airbus programs”, - stated Mrs BROVKO in the interview.

Concerning the aeronautics sector, the forthcoming programs with large potential are the A330Neo and the future Beluga programs. Tucana engineers’ experience acquired at Antonov 124 and 225 could be easily applied to Airbus programs. 

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