Midi Pyr Diversification

In January 2017, the Economic Review Entreprises Midi-Pyrénées published an article about Tucana Engineering. The French Tucana’s CEO Galya BROVKO has shared the company’s latest results and described the strategy of diversification in two directions.


On the one hand, Tucana’s target is to assist the aircraft manufacturer supply chain, as the pressure on them has increased greatly. Suppliers of the Layer 1 and Layer 2 are confronted with a ramp-up of production, which requires the respect of deadlines and quality standards. Being responsive, flexible, innovative, Tucana helps them to reach the objectives set by the manufacturers in terms of innovative solutions, costs and deadlines.


On the other hand, the second direction of diversification is the Airport Infrastructures. Tucana is looking to expand into the African and Middle East markets. Today the African continent is the most attractive in terms of economic growth, so the need of construction and renovation of airport infrastructure is significant, and Tucana’s role in assisting the airport authorities is essential.