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Midi Pyr Diversification

In January 2017, the Economic Review Entreprises Midi-Pyrénées published an article about Tucana Engineering. The French Tucana’s CEO Galya BROVKO has shared the company’s latest results and described the strategy of diversification in two directions.


On the one hand, Tucana’s target is to assist the aircraft manufacturer supply chain, as the pressure on them has increased greatly. Suppliers of the Layer 1 and Layer 2 are confronted with a ramp-up of production, which requires the respect of deadlines and quality standards. Being responsive, flexible, innovative, Tucana helps them to reach the objectives set by the manufacturers in terms of innovative solutions, costs and deadlines.


On the other hand, the second direction of diversification is the Airport Infrastructures. Tucana is looking to expand into the African and Middle East markets. Today the African continent is the most attractive in terms of economic growth, so the need of construction and renovation of airport infrastructure is significant, and Tucana’s role in assisting the airport authorities is essential.



Air et Cosmos 2495 160408 AC2495-01‘Air & Cosmos’ is a prestigious French weekly revue, specialized in Aeronautics and Space. In a special issue of Grand Sud-Ouest Aéronautique (‘Great Aeronautic South-West’, referring to the South-West of France) of April 8th, 2016, an article about foreign investments mentions Tucana Engineering SAS and its CEO Galya BROVKO as a company recently established in Toulouse.

Issued from American investments and broadly relying on its design offices in the Eastern Europe, Tucana’s goal is assist the aircraft manufacturers and its suppliers in design and modifications of aircraft structures and its components.

Airbus and its suppliers are the main magnets for the foreign investments in the South-West of France, - points out the article. Another argument for implantation is a wide network of research and development centers present in the region, as well as substantial support from the regional government. 


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 Galya Brovko, the CEO of Tucana Engineering SAS, appeared in the Middle East's leading English-speaking newspaper Arab News on October 14, 2015. She had an opportunity to express her opinion about Saudi-French Business Opportunities Forum, she participated in: “It was a successful event which helped businessmen of the two countries to identify their business needs in the host countries”, she said. 

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Objectif-News largeFrench economic media Objectif News has interviewed Galya BROVKO, TUCANA Engineering SAS CEO.

Tucana Engineering is a Design Office, specialized in Aeronautic, Energy, Automotive and Airport Infrastructure sectors. In 2014 the management decided to set up its office in Toulouse. But it was the moment when the workloads in aeronautic sector have considerably decreased.

Galya Brovko, TUCANA Engineering SAS CEO, finds that market crisis brings opportunities: «The aeronautic market is changing and is leaning towards manufacturing and aircraft modifications, where we have strong skills and competitive prices», she said during the interview.  


 Logo Entreprises MidPyr          Tucana Engineering is expanding and looking for Project managers with engineering background who would make a link between our Russian and Ukrainian Design Offices and the final clients – that was the main message of the Tucana Engineering SAS CEO Galya BROVKO’s interview given to Toulouse-based monthly review Entreprises Midi-Pyrénées (‘Companies of the Midi-Pyrénées Region’ in English).

Established in Toulouse a few months ago, the Tucana’s French office has already signed its first international contract and many negotiations in the fields of Aeronautics, Automotive and Airport Infrastructure are under way.

Through Spirit Aerosystems, Tucana intervenes in the central section 15 of the A350. “Indirectly our engineering company participates in all Airbus programs”, - stated Mrs BROVKO in the interview.

Concerning the aeronautics sector, the forthcoming programs with large potential are the A330Neo and the future Beluga programs. Tucana engineers’ experience acquired at Antonov 124 and 225 could be easily applied to Airbus programs. 

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