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Tucana provides high-quality expertise and engineering services at a competitive cost stems from our people and comprehensive attention to customer’s needs. 



Grant customers access to professional, value-added and cost-driven services to offset the recurring patterns of engineering activities


Vision and Values

  • Sustain leading engineering services provider position and grow the business through development of new competencies and entering new markets
  • Customer-focused and relationship-oriented
  • Customer-driven tools and processes supported by continuous internal development
  • Teamwork and involvement – we care about people



Tucana Engineering Group was founded in 2007 in Houston, USA, to provide high tech engineering services for aerospace, energy, automotive and airport infrastructure markets. Since then Tucana Engineering supplies the highly qualified engineering services and has developed the reliable relationships with Engineering Center Airbus Russia (ECAR), Cessna, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Spirit Aerosystems.

According to the Group’s business development and taking into account the increased activity with the European customers, Tucana Engineering France opened its office in Toulouse, France in 2014.

Tucana’s strategy is to be close to the customers and to respond to the markets’ needs in the Aeronautical, Automotive and Energy sectors by offering innovative engineering solutions at a reasonable cost.

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