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Nissan Fr view



 Tucana Engineering offers integrated services for the following areas of vehicle development process:



  • Class-A styling models
  • Overall vehicle design: styling models feasibility study, including UNECE safety regulations check, layout, gaps and steps analysis, tolerance and dimension chains calculation
  • Exterior plastic components: from moldings up to complete bumper assemblies design
  • Interior plastic components: pillar covers, door trims and instrument panel components and assemblies design including air ducts
  • BIW components design
  • Reverse engineering: DMU creation based on 3D-scanned data of vehicle and its components
  • 2D drawings: developing and supporting drawings package at all design stages from concept design up to serial production
  • Stress analysis: dynamic and static, fatigue


  Tucana Engineering’s pool of highly skilled professionals supports Renault-Nissan-AVTOVAZ projects. We support complete design cycle: from styling models development to tooling design and serial production support with particular expertise in the following:

  • BIW components: Floor panels, attached body components (hood, trunk lid, back door)
  • Vehicle exterior: Moldings and bumper assemblies
  • Vehicle interior: Pillar covers, door trims, instrument panel components (meter cover, central console panel, glove box, air ducts)



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