• Classical static stress analysis techniques
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis, vibration analysis
  • Structural optimization on metallic, composite and hybrid structures
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Aircraft Certification Support



Tucana Engineering provides comprehensive stress analysis support for all stages of airplane development and operation. From a concept to design for manufacturing with certification phase yielding to manufacturing and post production support - our engineers are ready to perform all and any analysis required by the customer including classical static stress analysis methods, finite element, fatigue, damage tolerance, structural optimization any various dynamic problems. We work not only with metallic materials, but also with composite and hybrid structures. Our high-qualified engineers master wide range of methods and tools such as Nastran, Patran, Abaqus, Hyperwork suite, Mathcad for solving assigned tasks. We work with client specific tools like ISAMI and customer’s in-house programs. Technical experts of Tucana can create you computational programs or customize “brand” tools like Patran to your needs. We maintain a stress engineering team with broad experience and different skill levels flexible for your requirements.