Conceptual and detailed design
Tucana offers services for each stage of the product development cycle, including airframe structures, systems and interiors for commercial airplanes and helicopters. Tucana’s team of engineers is capable to support all phases of designing primary and secondary aircraft structures of fuselage, wing, nacelles and pylon. At Tucana we gained experience in different aircraft sections through participation in a variety of airplane development programs by various international OEMs. This allows our design engineers to complete the project with high quality and degree of innovation.



Wing and fuselage, nacelles and pylon structures
Tucana has been extensively involved in supporting wing, nacelles and pylon programs.
From conceptual, layout and detailed phases to production, modification, and aftermarket support - we have special dedicated design teams to fill in your needs.


services7Metallic and composite structures
Our team designed and analyzed composite structures for major OEMs as part of:

  • Standard Design Manuals
  • FLE/FTE and fairing design
  • Floor panel/beams, hybrid floor beams, frames and sheer ties design
  • Wing and empennage design

Tucana designed interiors for commercial and business aircraft that includes:

  • Interior layout development
  • Style solutions proposal
  • Secondary structure design (parts and assemblies)
  • Interior panels and partitions design: honeycomb panels, decorative plastic parts, film covering, furnishing installation
  • Interior elements design: doors, hatches, beds, tables, stairs, boxes, grills, vents, mirrors, etc.
  • System installation: ECS, entertainment system, emergency equipment, water/waste system
  • Equipment installation: sport, TVs, communication, lights, etc.
  • Freighter structure modification, additional elements design and installation: sheet metal, profiled and machined brackets and parts

Systems Integration  
Whether it is a wing or fuselage our engineers have knowledge and proper tools to provide just in time high-quality design solutions for integration of various mechanical systems:

  • Routings, Brackets and supporting structures design
  • Interface validation
  • services9Detailed 3D modeling of parts, assemblies and installations
  • 2D drawings release
  • Stress analysis (where needed)
  • Concessions support
  • Modification support

Tucana design team played a key role in supporting systems integration in A350 fuselage Section 15 granting productivity and quality that helped achievement of the Customer’s extremely aggressive manufacturing plan targets.