Tooling design 

A350 forward fuselage XS

Assembly and drill jigs design for different airplane programsTucana supports various tooling needs of our customers manufacturing departments:   

  • Composite panels lay-up mandrels and FAJs design
  • Various protective equipment design to support assembly operations
  • Vacuum forming equipment design
  • Tubes welding jigs design
  • Design of various special tooling for laser and abrasive cutters for machine tool construction


NC programming
Tucana expands its expertise to fully satisfy customers’ needs and provide turn-key solutions to our clients. In addition to engineering services in stress and design we developed CNC Engineering competence. The processes are flexible and Customer oriented. Tucana’s team of highly experienced NC programmers offers a wide spectrum of services:


  • Production design for lathe and milling machining
  • Mold design and production
  • Development of NC-code for milling and lathe CNC machines covering:
    • Selection of an efficient machining plan, cutting tools and machining techniques
    • Creation of tools and fixtures for machining process
    • Production of NC program (profile, volume and surface milling for mold and machining parts) in NC programming application (CAM core: CATIA V5)
    • Verification of  result in VERICUT
    • Hard and soft ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composite and non-metallic materials
    • Postprocessors for MCD output.


We work with a variety of 3-, 4- and 5- axis CNC machines:

  • 3-Axis HAAS VF-6 Mill Center (FANUC)
  • 4-Axis HAAS VF-2 SS High Speed Mill Center with rotating table (FANUC)
  • HAAS SL-10/TL-10 Lathe machine (FANUC)
  • 4-Axis MODIG Single Spindle Extrusion Mill (FANUC 16MB-CNC)
  • 4-Axis HHV MODIG Single Spindle Extrusion Mill (FANUC 300i-CNC)
  • 5-Axis MAZAK VariAxis 630T/730 Mill Center
  • 5-Axis MAZAK Integrex Mill-turn Center 630T/730
  • 5-Axis DMU 80P Mill Center
  • Electroerosion machine ACRO

First Article Inspection
Our skilled team developed significant expertise supporting multiple OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. We provide service for FAI plans creation using AS9102 Standard. Our process is flexible and supports all customer needs, quality is guaranteed. We participate in technological requirements definition and processes optimization

Liaison Engineering and Fleet Support
Well established team of liaison engineers with the experience to support metallic and composite aero structures production for airliners and business jets: evaluation for significant or non-significant non-conformity for in house fabrication, vendor supplied parts, back shop assemblies and main assembly line. Our engineers perform analysis and classification of the defects in the shops and suggest effective repair solutions.