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 Airport and MRO Infrastructure Market

The air traffic is still growing, the travelers’ demand for greater security and efficiency is also increasing. As a result, the Airport Infrastructure market will continue to expand in the nearest future.

Tucana Engineering is an active player in development of Master plans, Design Documentation for construction and reconstruction projects of airport infrastructure facilities and other buildings.



Tucana Engineering has Airport Design Expertise in the following areas:

  • Airport design and planning
  • Airfield pavement research
  • Supervision and construction management

Strategy Development and concept Design for Airports


Photo 1 Strategy- Short-term and Long-term Development strategies of t airports

- Passenger and cargo flow forecasts

- Planning of operation activities

- Resource assessments

- Rationale for attracting investments (business - planning)

- Current and prospective master-plans for airports

- Development options for airport infrastructures

- Concept designs of individual buildings and structures

- Airport integration to existing transport infrastructures

- Rationale for landside and airside areas

- Consulting services, Expert support, Design independent inspections

- Environmental Impact Assessments


Passenger Terminals

Photo 2a Passenger Terminals- Capacity calculations of terminals

- Passenger flow calculations

- Architecture, Design, 3D modeling

- Structure design and calculations

- MEP utility designs

- Way finding and Signage design

- Consideration of climatic and geological features of construction area

- Compliance with international and local strandards

- Ensure accesses to low mobility people

- Fire safety systems

- Safety and security systems


Airfield Pavements

Photo 3 Airfield Pavements- Specific technical solution justifications of based on our own traditional mathematical models

-  Airfield pavements reconstruction projects development based on engineering evaluation tests, bearing capacity measurements and surface evenness

- Airfield pavement design in accordance with ICAO, FAA and local standards, which depend on airport locations

- Design simulations

- Design solution optimizations based on mathematical modeling to reduce construction work volumes


Airfield Pavement Inspections

Photo 3.1 Airfield inspection- Airfield and Road pavement tests and inspections

- Certification and Material tests

- Airfield reinforced-concrete slab testing  

- Surface Roughness Evaluations of Unpaved and Paved Airfield Runways

- Calculation of roughness characteristics of paved runway surfaces and analysis of soil strengths according to international standards

- Structure inspections

- Flight operation safety assessments


Air Traffic Control Facilities, Navigation and Landing Equipments,

Airfield Lighting Systems

Photo 4b ATC








- Air Route Traffic Control centers

- ATC Towers

- Positioning of  ILS (Instrument Landing Systems),LLZ (Localizer), GP (Glide-path beacon), DME (Distance-Measuring Equipment), VOR– VHF (Omni directional Radio Range), STAR/RSM (Primary / Secondary Radar), NDB (Non directional Beacon) and RM (Marker Beacon)

- Airfield Lighting Systems

- Airfield Equipment CAT I, II and III by ICAO (novaids)

- Meteorological airport equipment


Fuel Depot and Hydrant Refueling Systems

Photo 5b Fuel- Fuel complex projects

- Hydrant refueling systems

- Fuel storage tanks

- Pump stations

- Fuel servicing truck (FST) discharge/loading stations

- Fire-fighting service stations


Hangars and Training Centers for Aviation Personnel


Photo 6a Hangars

 - Hangars for aircraft storage and maintenance

- Aircraft repair and aircraft building / manufacturing

- Repair shops and laboratories

- Crew Training centers

- Flight simulation training facilities (Training and administration premises)

- Training centers for aviation personnel




Complex Projects in Diverse Environements

- Permafrost and winter temperatures down to -50°C

- Desert conditions and high summer temperatures up to +50°C

- Low bearing soil capacities

- Seismic areas up to 9 on the Richter scale


Airport Design Experience

- Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russian Federation

- Domodedovo International Airport, Russian Federation

- Vnukovo International Airport, Russian Federation

- Issyk Kul International Airport, Kyrgyzstan

- Turkmenabat Airport, Turkmenistan

- Ellington Airport Field, Houston, USA








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The aeronautics industry is facing the challenges of market conditions, increasingly demanding government requirements and stakeholder expectations. At the same time the manufacturers are inventing the aircraft of the future, reducing the aircraft weight and increasing the use of innovative materials, such as composites.

Tucana is your reliable partner in innovation and high tech engineering services. We provide complex and sustainable solutions throughout the aircraft lifecycle.



Tucana Engineering's team has expertise in: 


 Aeronautic Experience

Airbus A320, A330, A350, A380

Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Sukhoi Superjet 100

Bombardier C-Series

Gulfstream G650, G280

Cessna Columbus



In the Space sector we offer the following services: 

  • Modeling, Simulation, Information Technology and Processing
  • Advanced Software Development/Tools
  • Materials, Structures, Mechanical Systems and Manufacturing
  • Structures and Materials for Inflatable Modules
  • Lightweight and Efficient Structures and Materials


ISS photo web
Experience in the Space Projects:
ISS Project
MIR Shuttle
Sea Launch 



Tucana’ team offers effective solutions for Aftermarket support:

  • Development of Technical Manuals:
    • Component maintenance
    • Structure repair
    • Aircraft maintenance
    • Foulf isolation
    • System schematic
    • Service bulletins
    • 3D documentation
  • Fleet support
  • MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) engineering support
  • Ground Support Equipment design



Tucana Engineering participates in the most advanced energy projects in the world by providing engineering services support. Our experience and knowledge in structural analysis are implemented in all types of alternative energy sources.


 Tucana Engineering offers its expertise for renewable energy in:


  • Structural design;
  • Structural stress analysis;
  • Technical Publications




automotive 1

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 Tucana Engineering offers integrated services for the following areas of vehicle development process: 

  • Product conception and design
  • Class-A styling models development
  • Prototype design and production
  • Overall vehicle design, styling models feasibility study, including UNECE safety regulations check, layout, gaps and steps analysis, tolerancing and dimension chains calculation
  • Exterior plastic components: from styling models up to complete bumper assemblies design
  • Interior plastic components: pillar covers, door trims, air ducts, instrument panel components and assemblies design
  • BIW components design
  • Reverse engineering: DMU creation based on 3D-scanned data of vehicle and its components
  • 2D drawings: developing and supporting drawings package at all design stages from concept design up to serial production
  • Stress analysis: dynamic and static, fatigue